What is the FairX Protocol?

The FairX Protocol attempts to build on top of the "Web5" stack previously announced by TBD - namely, DIDs, DWN, and the various reference implementations - by introducing a set of messages, protocols, and reference implementations that orchestrate peer-to-peer execution of shared logic between private counterparties. This introduces another development paradigm for peer-to-peer application development following the Web5 philosophy.

This is an experimental open source project, meant to explore possibilities of a decentralized infrastructure without resorting to creating private exchange-traded crypto assets.

FairX DID Method

Read more about the FairX Decentralized Identifier Method

FairX DID Specification
Protocol Glossary

Read more about the FairX Protocol's terminology and concepts

FairX Protocol Glossary
FairX Authentication

Read more about Authentication in the FairX Protocol ecosystem

FairX Authentication
FairX Message Schemas

FairX Message Schemas define schemas for common FairX messages sent over the DWN.

FairX Message Schemas
FairX Reference Implementations

Download, build, install, and contribute to FairX's Protocol Reference Implementations

FairX Reference Implementations
TBD's Web5 Project

Much of FairX Protocol is inspired and built on top of TBD's Web5 ideas.

TBD Web5 Developers